Tim Brown

Our renovation project involved doing work to a home built by a former US President’s widow in 1915. It has been beautifully maintained and renovated over the years, but there were a few modernizing projects that we were looking to do. The work would require a high degree of craftsmanship and ingenuity due not only to the mysteries of an old home but also due to the challenge of blending new work with the old.

When bidding out the job, Don Federle was the only contractor who gave me the confidence that he understood exactly what this job would entail. His attention to detail was superb, while other contractors didn’t spend as much time examining the home. This gave me the utmost confidence not only that he was the most qualified to tackle the job but also that his estimate was accurate. Comparing his estimate side by side with others’, his was the only one that made sense. Certain categories lined up across all of them at similar price points, but the other contractors all had a few outliers that were exceptionally higher. Don’s estimate was fair, consistent, and logical. More importantly, he is someone we felt comfortable giving unlimited access to our home. He is a kind, mild-mannered, family man who respects boundaries and is a pleasure to have around the house. The same cannot be said for many contractors.

Once the work got underway, it was flawless. His subs were all spectacular, but we knew this would be the case going in. Our next door neighbor had just finished using Don and his crew to build their house the year before. Whenever an unexpected challenge came about, Don was decisive, cost-effective, and successful in working through them. This stands in stark contrast to others that I have worked with.

Not only were we thrilled with the outcome of the project, but it came in right on budget. This almost never happens with most contractors.

Since this project, Don has returned to our house a few times for small jobs that typically wouldn’t be worth the time and effort for someone as busy as he is. However, he understands the importance of maintaining relationships with his clients. Not surprisingly, this has led to many jobs for Don in our neighborhood.