Ken Farkas

We hired Don to convert our existing house plans to accommodate a house we built on a sloped lot. Because this was a big house overlooking the water, quality was very important to me. I had to know the value would be there over the long term. With this kind of project, you need to have someone you trust the get the job done—without having to look over their shoulders. Don is that kind of guy. Don has the ideal personality you want to work with on a project like this. A combination of being easygoing and yet serious about the quality of his work products. The process of working with Don was convenient. He was accessible when I needed him. But he didn’t pester me. The biggest benefit of working with Don was that he brought to bear that refined list of subcontractors who could implement a quality job at a reasonable price. This was not your average cookie-cutter type work. The materials were excellent—from the architectural elements to the siding to the shingles. It really adds to the look and feel of the house.