• We were extremely pleased with the process and the end result working with Donald Louis Homes. We took on a major renovation of a 1900 cottage on a challenging piece of land but Don was very collaborative at every step of the process of variances with the town, design and build. Don was collaborative and listened to our design input but also kept us focused and realistic when our ideas would have compromised budget or timeline. Naturally some hidden surprises popped up during the project but Don was a good problem solver and worked with us to solve issues with minimal impact. His sub contractors were very solid but he also allowed us to introduce him to cabinet makers and other trades that had been referred to us from friends and he welcomed them to the project. The overall workmanship of the project is very good and as we worked out the kinks of a new renovation Don was responsive and would personally come by to try to fix things- even on weekends. Overall we were very pleased with the value, service and quality of working with Donald Louis Homes.

  • Don is a professional who understands and knows the answers when building a home. He is punctual and will do his best to make anything work. When deciding on contractor make sure they stand behind their work. Don offers a guarantee that he holds himself to and will respond long after the job is completed.

  • Our renovation project involved doing work to a home built by a former US President’s widow in 1915. It has been beautifully maintained and renovated over the years, but there were a few modernizing projects that we were looking to do. The work would require a high degree of craftsmanship and ingenuity due not only to the mysteries of an old home but also due to the challenge of blending new work with the old.

    When bidding out the job, Don Federle was the only contractor who gave me the confidence that he understood exactly what this job would entail. His attention to detail was superb, while other contractors didn’t spend as much time examining the home. This gave me the utmost confidence not only that he was the most qualified to tackle the job but also that his estimate was accurate. Comparing his estimate side by side with others’, his was the only one that made sense. Certain categories lined up across all of them at similar price points, but the other contractors all had a few outliers that were exceptionally higher. Don’s estimate was fair, consistent, and logical. More importantly, he is someone we felt comfortable giving unlimited access to our home. He is a kind, mild-mannered, family man who respects boundaries and is a pleasure to have around the house. The same cannot be said for many contractors.

    Once the work got underway, it was flawless. His subs were all spectacular, but we knew this would be the case going in. Our next door neighbor had just finished using Don and his crew to build their house the year before. Whenever an unexpected challenge came about, Don was decisive, cost-effective, and successful in working through them. This stands in stark contrast to others that I have worked with.

    Not only were we thrilled with the outcome of the project, but it came in right on budget. This almost never happens with most contractors.

    Since this project, Don has returned to our house a few times for small jobs that typically wouldn’t be worth the time and effort for someone as busy as he is. However, he understands the importance of maintaining relationships with his clients. Not surprisingly, this has led to many jobs for Don in our neighborhood.

  • Don is a good, honest guy who builds a quality product. That was my impression initially, and it was reinforced by the experience of working with him. He’s creative and understands architecture. If you have a complex project, you need someone smart who understands every element. Don knows what he’s doing, understands what I want, and isn’t afraid to tell me if my idea is going to be too expensive, not doable, or not come out the way I wanted it to come out. Don’s team was always good at listening to what we wanted, making suggestions when we were going astray, and pretty much getting done what we wanted to get done. But the main benefit I got from working with Don was high-quality communication. My vision and his interpretation of what I wanted to get done were one. We were both on the same page. It was a good collaborative effort.

  • We hired Don to convert our existing house plans to accommodate a house we built on a sloped lot. Because this was a big house overlooking the water, quality was very important to me. I had to know the value would be there over the long term. With this kind of project, you need to have someone you trust the get the job done—without having to look over their shoulders. Don is that kind of guy. Don has the ideal personality you want to work with on a project like this. A combination of being easygoing and yet serious about the quality of his work products. The process of working with Don was convenient. He was accessible when I needed him. But he didn’t pester me. The biggest benefit of working with Don was that he brought to bear that refined list of subcontractors who could implement a quality job at a reasonable price. This was not your average cookie-cutter type work. The materials were excellent—from the architectural elements to the siding to the shingles. It really adds to the look and feel of the house.

  • We had unfinished drawings to build an addition onto our existing house, so we needed someone who could not only run with the plan, but also improve it. Other builders were put off by our home’s location and age, and didn’t want to help us. But Don and his team took our ideas and turned them into a good strategy, making our suggestions work throughout the house. All of Don’s suggestions enhanced the original design. Blending the old and the new was challenging, but Don and his team did a great job holding the same style throughout the house. Don always figured out the best way to solve any design or construction problem in the most aesthetically appealing way. His work was definitely worth the price. Everything was completed on time, and we always got the feeling that he held to high standards both of design and construction.

  • When you live in a one-room schoolhouse built in 1854, every detail counts. Don had to blend the addition aesthetically and structurally His attention to detail was incredible. Don actually drove around the roads of Sherman looking at other houses, picking up little details so he could incorporate them into our home and make it look seamless. Having a design and build company definitely came in handy. Especially with the multiple revisions and redesigns to satisfy the building and zoning commissions. We just had our 12th anniversary living here, and we haven’t had any problems at all. We love it. The addition looks like it’s always been there. It just fits.”